UDP in Seattle raises $88,000 ahead

Supporters of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Seattle-Chapter based in the United States of America, over the weekend raised over $88,000 to strengthen and prepare the party towards the next presidential elections.

The party leader, Ousainou Darboe thanked the UDP Seattle-Chapter for raising $88, 000 for the party, adding that their shared values live in all of them as party members.

“This goes to manifest that the party isn’t owned, funded and controlled by few individuals but by average everyday Gambians who put in all the effort to see us through,” he said on his Instagram page.

A source familiar with the developments in U.S. said the UDP New York-Chapter will hold similar congress in which they hope to surpass this staggering amount of $88,000. “We are hoping to raise more money than them when we hold our congress here in New York in few months time,” the source said.  “We want to raise more funds for UDP for the next presidential election.”


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